CSA Survivor Force


Child sexual abuse can be prevented and treated with a conscious and sustained effort.

CSA Survivor Force  (see membership list below)

Stop the Silence® (www.stopthesilence.org) and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA, www.naasca.org) have joined in a partnership toward the development of a “Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Survivor Force”– an initial and then expanded and expanding (locally, regionally, nationally, internationally) group of adult survivors who are coming together to present information about child sexual abuse (CSA) to the media in all regions of the U.S. and then elsewhere.

The full Mission of the CSA Survivor Force is to provide  factual information about CSA in a gripping manner to all forms of mass media to inform and educate large populations, reduce stigma, and affect change in individual and societal behaviors, policies and procedures across the U.S. and the world.

Survivors Force members use their own stories and local topics and/or other issues as the “hook” to get to the media, and then, once engaged, provide pre-determined, gripping messages about CSA that reduce the stigma and sensationalistic aspects out of the issue, and increase awareness, understanding, prevention, treatment, and mitigation.

We are vetting the program during the first quarter of 2017, and then will invite an increasing number of survivors from all over the U.S. and then the world to participate as CSA Survivor Force members, spreading information through the media to broad publics.

What do CSA Survivor Force members do?

•  CSA Survivor Force members identify what populations they want to reach and identify why (e.g., because a population does not have relevant information, and/or because they are over-represented in terms of CSA (e.g., poor people are), and/or because a particular media is accessible and it would be easy to begin to work with them.)

•  CSA Survivor Force members make lists of local, and/or state and/or regional papers and radio and TV stations (each Survivor starts small and continues to build to bigger and bigger media depending on comfort level and desire or “take it on”).

•  CSA Survivor Force members identify relevant basics on each media that they are trying to reach, i.e., readership, listenership, viewership – how many people they reach, who are they (black, white, Hispanic, young, old, male, female, rich, poor, where they live, etc.).

•  CSA Survivor Force members chart information for the individual media including which departments the Survivor wants to reach (e.g., it could be some or all of the following depending on the size of the media outlet: public outreach and/or service staff, public interest, local news, specific focus editors, etc.) and charts the contact information of the media target(s) (names, contact info including email and telephone numbers).

•  CSA Survivor Force members identify what they want to say to the media about themselves and their personal stories, as well as issues presenting in their geographic policy or other situations.

•  CSA Survivor Force members write up their “pitch” as well as their bios (which will get posted to the NAASCA and Stop the Silence websites on special pages)

•  CSA Survivor Force members contact the media targeted with well-worded email(s) and follow that up with telephone calls until they reach their “target” media outlets and get their story told!

•  CSA Survivor Force members move on to other outlets – until we inundate the media outlets and educate wide publics.

We’ll keep everyone up-to-date on next steps and let you know when we open the process for other CSA Survivors to join us everywhere! May we all feel the Survivor Force!


CSA Survivor Force – factsheet – short          (1 page)        Word Doc        PDF file

CSA Survivor Force – factsheet – long            (2 pages)      Word Doc        PDF file

Why Survivors Often Don’t Tell for Years                              PDF file


Members, CSA Survivor Force


Click On Name to access bio and contact info:

Pamela Pine – Stop the Silence® – local, national, international – Wash D.C. based

Jill Short – Stop the Silence Volunteer – Southern Maryland and National

Mary Beth Holzwarth – South Dakota

Stacy Gleiss – Michigan / Northern Indiana based activist, and Japan

Brittany Laney – Ohio

Rachel Grant – San Francisco, Ca

Carol D Levine – New Jersey 

Elizabeth Sullivan – Minnesota 

Tammy Shoffstall – Florida                                                   

Michael Broussard – Philadelphia, PA

Kim Lakin (Creger) – Colorado

Cindy Modachai – Ohio

Patrick Dati – Chicago, IL

Patricia (Trish) McKnight – St. Louis, MO

Valarie Meola – Maryland

Louise Marie Cutshaw – Tennessee

Karen Blodgett – Massachusetts

Darla Gooden – Texas

Elizabeth Sorvillo – New York

Debra Staub – Arizona

Maryellen Spoonhower – upstate New York

Natalie Holder – Washington State

Tommy Womeldorf – Arizona

Gale Cerel – Nevada                           

Bill Murray – NAASCA founder- national – Los Angeles based