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An Online Study for Adult Survivors

Stop the Silence promoted the availability of survivors of child sexual abuse to participate in a clinical research project that examines experiences of child sexual abuse and related issues concerning that abuse. Participation was completely voluntary, and this study took about 30-40 minutes to complete. Most of the questions focused on experiences of child sexual abuse, the survivor’s memory of the events, and related issues. The results of this study should help to further our understanding of the effects of child sexual abuse on memory. This understanding will help researchers and therapists to develop more effective intervention programs to assist survivors of child sexual abuse. Personal or identifying information was not a part of the study, and surveys were completed anonymously.

The research was conducted by Molly Wolf, LMSW and Doctoral Candidate at the University of Buffalo School of Social Work, State University of New York. Her email address is and you can contact her for questions or further information.

U.S. Prevention and Mitigation Symposia at Universities

Pamela Pine of Stop the Silence has been conducting on-going classroom presentations, and, with many others, including the interns and Stop the Silence Club members from the University of Maryland, providing symposiums, and otherwise collaborating with various other groups and universities in the U.S. to bring prevention and mitigation information and action to students – the next generation of parents – as well as professors, administrators, and community members alike. Universities reached, in collaboration with Stop the Silence campus clubs and other groups over the last quarter 2014 and into 2015 include University of Maryland, College Park; Indiana University; and Bethany College in WV. Upcoming: Spring event and symposia at UMD providing information across campus on the relationship between CSA and trafficking. See “Event” tab (being updated) on our website for more information.

Stop the Silence Founder, Pamela Pine, to Present at the 11th Annual Hawaii Conference: Preventing, Assessing & Treating Child, Adolescent & Adult Trauma

Pamela Pine, Founder of Stop the Silence will Present at the 11th Annual Hawaii Conference: Preventing, Assessing & Treating Child, Adolescent & Adult Trauma ( at the end of March 2015. She will be speaking and providing an advanced focus on Stop the Silence’s Art and Advocacy Program (see additional information under the pull down menu of the “Our Work” tab).

Comprehensive Training on CSA in Cyprus

Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH of Stop the Silence and Ama Delevett of Survivors Healing Center in CA conducted a very successful and highly evaluated 3.5 day comprehensive training on CSA for the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture in December 2014 that included strategic planning development and forward action. As a result of the training, staff members from the Ministry are writing a report to the General Manager of the Ministry suggesting the development of a specific policy on CSA and developing a campaign addressing it. Stop the Silence is moving forward strongly on the training front to help make sure that service providers of all types have the kind of training that they need to provide the type of prevention and treatment care needed for victims and survivors.

Road to Change – Walk to Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Stop the Silence is proud to have catalyzed, provided the base of information for, and financially and otherwise supported the Road to Change–Walk to Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse. RTC was a 10,000 mile walk lead by Matthew McVarish, who developed and carried out the Walk between May 2013 and February 2015. The Walk resulted from the collaboration between Stop the Silence and Matthew, starting in 2008, which continued in 2011 with U.S. tours of the play, To Kill A Kelpie and the Stop the Silence-designed after-show presentations; and then, further, the Stop the Silence U.S. tours To Kill A Kelpie of the film (directed by his brother, Edward M Smith). All these were and continue to be a part of our Art as Advocacy programming, which brings awareness and understanding about CSA to broad audiences. In 2011, Stop the Silence invited Matthew to be our European Ambassador, and the rest, they say, is history: Matthew started designing RTC in 2012, and RTC kicked off in May 2013. During its run, RTC EU visited 31 nations across Europe, was able to garner enormous media attention across the continent, expose millions to important information, and affect policy change on the statutes of limitations. Change and lessons learned occurred on many levels, individual, community and policy, and did enormous good.