Getting Help: Children

If you are, or have or know a child who has been sexually abused, you are not meant to travel this journey alone. Tell someone – someone will will listen and help you. The person can be any trusted adult. That person can be a parent, family member, guardian, teacher, counselor, coach, school resource officer, community member, the police, or any one who you think can help. If that person does not believe you or doesn’t know what to do, go to another adult for help – tell and tell until an adult helps you and makes you feel believed and safe.


PLEASE KNOW, AND REMEMBER, THAT THIS IS NEVER THE CHILD’S FAULT AND CHILDREN ALMOST NEVER MAKE THIS UP. No one has a right to touch a child in their private places just because they want to. No one has a right to make a child do things that make them or their bodies feel uncomfortable. Children have the right to say NO. They have a right to be SAFE. They a right to be sure that no one will hurt them.


If you are a parent looking for a good resource to help you speak with your child about child sexual abuse, get a copy of the book, “My Body Belongs to Me,” by Jill Starishevsky (visit


If you are looking for a therapist, visit Together We Heal.


Darkness to Light

National Movement for America’s Children