For a full listing of our 2016 accomplishments, click here: Stop the Silence 2016 Accomplishments!

Media & Other Advocacy
Stop the Silence uses the Race to Stop the Silence and the media (television, radio, press, internet) to catalyze public awareness and social change. Major campaigns run each year, in the spring (before the race in April every year) and other campaigns run throughout the year. The campaigns have reached millions through TV, radio, and the press with most media time donated.

Service Provider Training

Stop the Silence has been conducting training for police officers, community-based organizations, and leaders in corporate, governmental, and health organizations since its inception. This training has provided important background and clinical information, as well as created linkages between counseling, legal, and judicial programming.

Community Education & Outreach
Stop the Silence is reaching out in partnership with community- and faith-based organizations, as well as schools and public offices. Its goal is to educate audiences about the epidemic proportions of child sexual abuse, its root causes, its impact, how to recognize possible signs and symptoms, and, most importantly, what can be done by the public and policy makers to stop it.

National Children’s Bench Book (NCBB) Project
The Bench Book is a critical information tool for judges and other professionals to use as they address child sexual abuse and maltreatment cases. The NCBB aims to help the courts and related personnel best deal with the cases brought before them. Stop the Silence looks to bring training to judges and other court-related personnel throughout the nation based on its successful national pilot training in 9/08 supported by the Department of Justice.

Survivors Groups
Stop the Silence promotes survivors’ groups and information for them with populations all over the world in collaboration with The Lamplighters and others.