Awareness-Raising through Walks and Races to Stop the Silence

For ten years, from 2004 through 2013, Stop the Silence conducted the Race to Stop the Silence (Stop Child Sexual Abuse) in downtown Washington, D.C. Other Races have been conducted in Florida and the Walk to Stop the Silence still occurs in Santa Cruz, CA through Survivors Healing Center of the Family Service Agency of the Central Coast serving Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties, CA. A Race is planned for Kenya in 2015.

Races are now being concentrated in local environments, through our university-focused programming (see the Art as Advocacy tab under Our Work page). The Race is an upbeat, fun and educational event that, in D.C., included an 8K Race, 5K fun run and walk, a 1K kids’ fun run (all kids get prizes), awards and random prizes, music, motivational speakers, organizational booths, games for the kids, a raffle with great prizes, and more. Funds raised go to local programming for the prevention and treatment of CSA.

Additionally, Stop the Silence is proud to have been a primary catalyst and provide major information for, and otherwise support, the Road to Change – Walk to Stop the Silence, Stop Child Sexual Abuse, a 10,000 mile walk carried out between May 2013 and February 2015. The Road to Change (RTC) was the brain child of and led by Matthew McVarish, Scottish actor, playwright, musician and activist. As a result of the Stop the Silence U.S. tours of his play To Kill A Kelpie and then the film (directed/produced by his brother, Edward M. Smith) as well as his involvement in raising awareness about CSA under Stop the Silence during that time, and our invitation, Matthew became our European Ambassador in 2011, while developing and implementing RTC under the Stop the Silence banner. RTC visited 31 nations across Europe. RTC was able to garner enormous media attention across the continent, expose millions to important information, and affect policy change on the statutes of limitations. Change and lessons learned occurred on many levels, individual, community and policy, and did enormous good.

If you would like to do something along the lines of the above – whether walks or races – please contact Pamela Pine at Thank you!