October 31, 2015


Stop the Silence has a kick-off / expansion event planned for April or May for a new “leg” of our Arts as Advocacy Program (see attached program and basics on Stop the Silence, and our website here: The program brings arts into university and communities to open hearts and minds and then educates and trains others to bring forth information about the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse (CSA), including trafficking.

We are planning to expand into the Greek community – into and through sororities and fraternities as largely as possible. We see them as already established groups that can provide important information to others on and off campuses. And, given what has been going on and reported lately about the issues of sexual violence within these groups, the focus of the government and universities and colleges on Title IX, and the relationship of CSA to later and further violence, we believe that this program is both crucial and timely.

We want the kick-off event to be a major lunch, likely in DC. The purpose of the event is three-fold:

  • To expand awareness and advocacy of politicians, stakeholders, and community and university leaders about the issue and the need for this programming,
  • To kick off the focus of our programming within the Greek community to enhance their ability provide information and education about and training to others on CSA (including trafficking), and,
  • To raise substantial funds.

This event, which is still to be named (soon), will be an MC’d by a seasoned MC/presenter. There will be arts exhibitions (music, music videos, film, poetry, and the like) to open people’s hearts and minds to the issue, and presentations to impart important information about the issue and program. An important part of the focus, too, will be on fundraising. 

The audiences that we are trying to reach include: 1) Local and national politicians of some stature, 2) Important community stakeholders and leaders, 3) people with means, and 4) leaders of the Greek communities.

We are looking for various types of help to carry out this event: 

  • Upfront sponsorships / monetary support to carry out this event,
  • Help with identifying and reaching those who would be important to this program (as invitees and contacts / networks),
  • Help with the development of lists of invitees

We are looking for an “audience” of 200 (or more), so we expect to need to invite many more than that given the issue is so difficult for many to “get behind” (though we know it’s critical). If you and/or one or more groups with which you are affiliated can help us network / plan, please have them contact Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH, Founder and CEO, Stop the Silence, at or 240-351-7740.

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